Virtual Classroom Software for Online Teaching

Online Teaching Software for Live Classes. Teach and train in a virtual classroom - anyone, anywhere.

Live Online Classes and Online Meetings Taken to a Higher Level

Electa Live Virtual Classroom Software is a professional live virtual classroom and a real-time online collaboration environment designed for teaching and training over the Internet. It is an integral part of Electa LMS which can be used along with it or separately as a live online training tool. With Electa virtual classroom you can arrange live online classes and lectures, online meetings, group sessions, individual one–on–one sessions and webinars – all taking place over the web. For your live online meetings, you only need a computer with an internet connection.

Natural Communication, Unique Collaboration Tools

Far beyond a basic video conferencing tool Electa Live Virtual Classroom Software offers advanced web-based management and scheduling tools along with the richest set of collaboration tools: Crystal clear high-quality audio, multiple simultaneous talkers, Interactive whiteboards with multiple markup and annotation tools, File and document sharing, live presentations, screen sharing, Breakout rooms, text messages, virtual hand rising, and plenty of other.

Virtual Classroom Tools for Online Collaboration

Your experience in an Electa Live online classroom is powered by a rich set of collaboration tools. Teach and train with no difficulties as if in a real classroom. Easy to use built-in tools for a first-class experience.

Crystal Clear Audio

Integrated Audio Conferencing. Multiple Speakers. High Quality Voice over IP (VoIP) even on lower bandwidths. No conference calls. No additional charges for audio conferencing.

Shared Interactive Whiteboards

Multiple shared whiteboards. Type text, launch images and slides. Full digital tablet support for handwriting or precise drawing.

PowerPoints, Files & Images

Share PowerPoint, PDF, DOC, XLS, TXT and other common document types. Use markup and annotation over slides and pages. Launch files and broadcast images synchronously.

Rich Markup & Annotation Tools

Use markup and annotation tools on the whiteboards as well as over images and slides. Use pointers and checkers to focus your attendees' attention. A rich clip-art library is available along with plenty of useful math symbols.

Screen Sharing & Remote Control

Enhance your computer-based training classes sharing your entire screen or just a single application. Give remote control to students and attendees. Initiate remote screen sharing on students' computers.

Live Video Conferencing

Enhance your live classes, team meetings and group discussions with live video conferencing. Video conferencing with up to 7 video feeds even on lower bandwidths.

Session Recording and Playback

Record your live sessions and meetings for quality control or archiving. Publish your recordings on your website to attract new students or give individual playback permissions.

Guided Web Tours

Many resources are located on web sites on the Internet. Take your audience to a web page - all together at once. Navigate safely and securely.

Text Chat & Session Notes

Instant messaging / text chat is available for communication along with the audio. The session leaders can enable/disable the text messaging options.

Arrange Online Polls and Surveys

In a virtual classroom the online polling feature is a must. Arrange online polls with predefined answers.

Breakout Rooms for Individual Collaboration

With the Electa Live Breakout rooms you can split your class into smaller groups so that your students collaborate and practice individually.

Internet-Based Virtual Classroom Software as Fully Hosted Service

Electa Live Virtual Classroom is available as a fully hosted service on the Internet. When you sign up for Electa Live you receive a fully functional, ready-to-go Web-based Training Center on the Internet to schedule live classes and meetings and manage your virtual classrooms, students and teachers.

All Starts from Your Web Browser

Your Virtual Classroom web-based Training Center is accessible through a custom URL from any web browser. You can use your own domain and customize the appearance of your site. Make it easily recognizable by your students adding a custom logo, colors and style. The web-based portal is available in several languages. Automatic time zone support is also included.

Student Management & Administration Tools

Inside your web-based virtual classroom training center you will find advanced scheduling tools for setting up live classes and web conferences. Create student and teacher profiles *. Manage your libraries and recordings. Create meetings on the fly or paid classes. With our business-class solutions your teachers and faculty members have personal password protected profiles. With just a few clicks you can create new virtual classrooms, assign moderators and administer the access to your resources, giving individual or group-access permission.

Online Class and Meeting Schedule with Student & Teacher Management

The built-in Electa Live Session Schedule is an advanced and powerful tool for setting up classes, meetings and sessions. Setting up live classes has never been easier. Start live meetings on-the-fly or schedule your lessons in advance. Have one-time or recurring events and even paid events. Specify open or individual access, as well as group attendance permissions. Send email invitations or enable on-site attendance.

With Electa Live you can create unlimited individual student profiles. Give a personal username/password to each student and assign individual or group class attendance. Your students access their profiles and calendar of classes after logging-in in. The system maintains a personal calendar of classes and events for each user. Your student database is absolutely confidential and never shared with anyone else.

Top Ways of Using Electa Live Virtual Classroom Software

Endless possibilities, with users only limited by their imagination. Some of the most common applications of Electa Live online virtual classroom include Live Instruction, Online Meetings, Online Tutoring Programs, Classroom Collaboration, Virtual Office Hours, Virtual Help Desk.

Live Online Tutoring in a Virtual Classroom

Traditional distance learning programs have low completion rates as students are left to learn on their own with a feeling of isolation. Today’s online teachers need a method to communicate to students in an effective and pedagogically sound manner, one-on-one or one-to-many. Studies show that the ideal solution is a blended learning model with asynchronous and synchronous interaction. Electa provides you with both synchronous and asynchronous training tools.

Virtual Classroom Online Meetings

With Electa Live virtual classroom, you can easily and effectively host web-based meetings, significantly reducing teleconferencing and travel costs and decreasing time away from job. Teachers and administrators save significant amounts per year by not having to travel long distances for meetings and professional development. And this does not take into effect the elimination of the cost of substitute teachers for those on the road.

Online Classroom Collaboration

Collaboration at a distance connects students from different locations and cultures to enhance the learning experience. Students from United Kingdom collaborated with students from China in a course about international architecture. Whether provided by instructors or peers, tutoring via Electa Live offers students an opportunity to work one-on-one to get questions answered or receive help with homework or other assignments. Sessions can be scheduled, or students can drop into to an existing virtual room to connect with the tutor.

Asynchronous Content Development

With Electa LMS, you can create asynchronous content under the form of self-paced online courses with resources of different types. You can administer homework and tests, or even enable access to previously recorded live sessions in your live virtual classroom. For example, you can record student orientation sessions or add a recorded welcome to your virtual classroom prior the first day of class. In addition, students can view interactive recordings of your classes if they’ve missed a session or just to reinforce learning and help retain knowledge.
Learning Management System - Elecat LMS

Virtual Classroom Software for Mobile Devices & Computers

Students and trainers can attend Electa Virtual Classroom live meetings from all major mobile devices – all Android phones and tablets, iPads, iPhones, as well as Windows, MAC and Linux computers.

Training content can be created and accessed from phones and tablets as well as from desktop or laptop computers. All users, no matter what device they have, can access the training content at any time, from anywhere, even while travelling.

Students and trainers access the learning management portal from their mobile or desktop web browsers. We have developed free apps for attending live online sessions from mobile devices.

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Simple and Flexible Licensing

The Learning Management System and Virtual Classroom Software are available as monthly subscription service. We offer a cost effective and a flexible licensing model which makes Electa LMS an affordable solution for individual trainers and at the same time a powerful and a cost-effective platform for online schools and universities.

Electa Professional

A professional solution for universities and online schools and training organizations. It consists of a full-featured learning management system and multiple virtual classrooms. Handles multiple trainers and unlimited students. Cover the entire instructional cycle in your organization.

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Electa Tutor

Especially designed for individual trainers. This solution has one virtual classroom for one single trainer with all major Learning Management tools and modules. The package also provides an advanced scheduling system, payment collection from students and student profile management.

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Electa Easy

A simple web conferencing and online meeting room for one single trainer. Basic session scheduling. This option is suitable for live online classes and web meetings, with audio, video presentation and whiteboard sharing. Electa Easy Meetings does not offer any learning management tools.

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